FEBRUARY 6, 1911

Edwardsville Intelligencer

Personal Tributes

Associates Speak of A. G. Tuxhorn Worth

A. L. Brown, who was president of the Wildey building organization, known as the Edwardsville Investment Co., spoke feelingly of Mr. Tuxhorn’s contributions in that direction. “Words are scarcely adequate,” said Mr. Brown, “when one attempts to sum up briefly the worth of so able a citizen as Al Tuxhorn. He was so many-sided and so versatile, that to take up only one direction of his effort seems to be in the nature of a sacrifice.


“In the building of the Wildey however, Mr. Tuxhorn deserves to be considered the leader. He had managed the old opera house and knew the need of Edwardsville for an assembly hall. His was largely the inspiration that started the movement, and he kept the ball rolling by his sheer energy and perseverance. He was without a doubt the original factor and he continued the leader until the building was an established fact.


“He was chairman of the building committee and gave every detail his personal supervision. Not only that but I know it to be a fact that in addition to giving his time Mr. Tuxhorn expended in various ways at least a thousand dollars out of his own pocket in expenses in connection with the building of the Wildey. And all without any return. He was that sort of man. When he went in for a thing he went with his whole soul and he put it through to a successful completion. “When the building was done, it was necessary to have a manager for the remainder of the year and there was but one choice – in the minds of the directors – Mr. Tuxhorn. He consented to take it and managed it until a permanent arrangement could be made. This city has lost more than it realizes in the death of A. G. Tuxhorn.”